segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010


wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad Buy all of the things I never had I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen Oh every time I close my eyes I see my name in shining lights A different city every night oh I swear the world better prepare For when I'm a billionaire Yeah I would have a show like Oprah I would be the host of everyday of Christmas Give Travie a wish list I'd probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt And adopt a bunch of babies that ain't never had shit Give away a few Mercedes like here lady have this And last but not least grant somebody their last wish It's been a couple months since I've single  So you can call me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho Get it, hehe, I'd probably visit where Katrina hit And damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did Yeah can't forget about me stupid Everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music (...) oh i love this music.

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  1. aww essa música! amo amo.
    muuito obrigada, o teu blog está um amor. :)